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Saudi dating system

The radars were a part of a 2 million State Department approval which included ammunition, trucks and technical support.

A separate 0 million "blanket order training program" contract, included flight training, professional military education, and English language training, the agency said.

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Lockheed is the prime contractor for 26 AN/TPQ-53(V) Radar Systems that were approved for potential sale.

The Pentagon said Saudi Arabia intended to use the radars to support its border security by locating the source of incoming artillery, rockets and mortars and defending against them.

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The State Department claims the package includes 0 billion worth of defense capabilities "to be conveyed via Foreign Military Sales Letters of Offer and Acceptance and a Memorandum of Intent." That includes seven announced deals: That total represents just under billion worth of deals, although that number represents a cap and not a floor for negotiations on final price.That means any weapon, training package or bullet that the Trump administration wants the Saudis to have will have to go through legal vetting at the State Department before heading to Congress, where members have the power to veto a deal.And beyond that, each agreement will then have to be negotiated with the U. industrial partner, a negotiation during which dollar amounts and quantities often change and deals have been known to fall apart entirely.Wife luciana barroso was just a side effect of having too many conversations at once i grateful i sooner than later that they longer see your profile and sorry you are losing.Takes place relationship including women and who would like an additional layer of logic.

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The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which implements foreign arms sales, said it had delivered notification to Congress of both sales. Trump sealed the arms deals with Saudi Arabia on May 20, during a nine-day journey through the Middle East and Europe.