Most intimidating mascot cy

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Most intimidating mascot cy

Additionally, the mascot doesn't even match the team name, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. All told, the mascot is actually pretty cool looking. At least he's had a lot to cheer about at football games the last several years. All told, the mascot is actually pretty cool looking. At least he's had a lot to cheer about at football games the last several years.Obviously a tiger is a very popular nickname for a team, but Aubie is very strange looking.Essentially, Aubie looks like a librarian that happens to be a tiger.That's not exactly the intense look the program is probably looking for.While Hairy Dawg was designed to be an intimidating but silent presence, his cartoon cousin Harry tended to pummel his victims with quips as well as whatever weapon his big paws were holding.He might be getting ready to greet a Gamecock with a frying pan, a bag of flour and some shortening, or wearing the Florida Gator mascot pinned to his jersey, asking, “What d’ya think? ”Smith died in 2004, but his Harry Dog lives on in the memories of UGA fans.This mascot is appropriate since Central Catholic served as a "feeder" school to a local university, St. Central's competitors were often confused by the mascot. Anyway, the Aggie wasn't nearly as pathetic as some of the other mascots I'm reading about here, but it was pretty non-threatening, especially when compared to our chief rival, the Sac State Hornets. *falls down laughing* And yes I know Butte is pronounced Beaut, but come on . Worst team nickname - I gotta go with the Fighting Irish. Why not just call them the Drunken Fighting Potato-Eatin' Stinkin' Irish?They would make break-through banners for the football games saying, "Pop the Buttons! Hornet = cool Goofy farmer = not Jeff This thread wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Fighting Banana Slugs of the University of California, Santa Cruz However, my favorite has to be the Fighting Missionaries of Whitman College if only because I'd love to hear the announcer at one of their games say "and now to introduce the Missionary position players....."Apparently there's a High School in Butte, Montana whose football team is the Butte Pirates . The logo ( does little to dispel the image they're trying to convey.

While other teams had the bobcats, cougars, wolves, etc., their football team was "the Poets". " always formed images of poor blind Milton stumbling over clubfooted Byron while pitifully trying to scramble away from a raging she-grizzly.Yep, that was the worst idea Montgomery could have chosen for a mascot... Now Montgomery, desperate to be relieved of its incredible budgetary woes (kids in public schools have to bring their own toilet paper and all extracurricular activities have been temporarily suspended due to lack of funds [though thank God that lottery failed to pass]), has decided to ignore all cogent advice by paying millions for a minor league baseball team. The Jordan River Beetdiggers, Utah The Fort Collins Lambkins, Colorado (their colors are pastel purple and yellow) Somehow I think the Lambkins are significantly less intimidating than your Pioneers vibrotronica :)I hail from good ol' UC Davis.After a year of considering all possible mascots ("the Fatty Acids", "the Schizophrenic Crack Whores", "the Blunt Objects", "the Chippewa Maidens") finally found the stupidest one yet "thunk up": THE MONTGOMERY BISCUITS ( To my knowledge it'll be the only team in the south named for a carbohydrate. Our team has always been the Aggies, but our mascot used to be a mustang, because mustangs are cool, I guess. :) (For those not in the know, this is pretty much the standard reaction whenever anyone mentions that Crab.Yes, there is something magical, looks like him, as if they're identical twins with identical stats to boot! Related Pages: The Greatest Baseball Team of All Time, The Greatest Baseball Infields of All Time, Is Mike Trout the GOAT?, Best Baseball Nicknames, Weird Baseball Facts and Trivia, Baseball Hall of Fame: The Best Candidates On August 17, 1957, future hall-of-fame centerfielder Richie Ashburn of the Philadelphia Phillies hit spectator Alice Roth with a foul ball, breaking her nose.

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It looks like a jolly, old mascot, but it's strange to have someone you'd eat for Thanksgiving dinner as the symbol for your school. There's having an intense mascot and then there's having a mascot that looks like he's ready to attack you.

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