Is prince harry dating chelsy

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It’s the longest stretch of time that they’ve been apart, having had an on-off situation for 7 years. At one point, a 21 year old woman with a MARRY ME sign clutched onto him and managed to get off a kiss.

It seems that soon all male members of the royal family of marrying age will be snapped up.

The relationship between Sarah and Charles - the first of many girlfriends - did not last long before the romance fizzled out.

She went on to marry Neil Edmund Mc Corquodale in 1980 and had three children, Emily Jane, George Edmund and Celia Rose.

Caroline Flack in June 2009, who allegedly gave him the nickname "Jam" thanks to his reddish-blond hair.

Apparently, they broke up due to the pressures of the spotlight: "Once the story got out, that was it," she said. I was no longer 'Caroline Flack, TV presenter,' I was 'Caroline Flack, Prince Harry's bit of rough.'" article, Romestrand stayed at Clarence House and was served breakfast in bed by the Prince.

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She later marred James Hutt on 9 June 2012 and had two more children, Isabella and Henry.

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