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Posted by / 03-Dec-2017 12:42

Dating double standards

When it comes to dating, the expectations of men and women are far from equal.

From the things a woman considers before a first date to unrealistic sexual expectations of men, we’ve culturally internalized some pretty harmful ideas on gender roles.

These double standards go beyond what a couple may discuss between themselves.

One noticeable trend about the commonly expressed preferences of black men specifically is that they display a huge double standard.

From the way they act all the way down to their looks and hairstyles, black men prefer white women who act like black women over black women themselves.

Especially in the past year, we’ve seen women strive to achieve looks or characteristics that have always been prominent in African-American culture.

Now, in reality I stand somewhere between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in.

I'm certainly no Andre the Giant, but nor do I consider myself particularly hobbitesque.

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Gendered double standards follow us everywhere we go.