Dating antique school desk indiana mandating hands calling

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Dating antique school desk

In many cases, the paintings would depict village scenes—the hands of the real clock would be strategically placed on the painting so that they were positioned on the exterior of, say, a church steeple.

Housed in elaborate cast-bronze or gold-leaf-on-wood frames (cartel is French for frame), these wall clocks often featured Roman numerals on white dials surrounded by gilt garlands, figurines, and cherubs.This furniture was first known as Streamline Maple because that was the original wood used, along with birch, which is very similar.Most pieces were shown in either Amber or Bleached finish, so if a piece has either of these words stenciled on the back or underside, there’s a good chance it’s an early Heywood-Wakefield.The school desk used has a story to tell about the hours spent in class. The guidelines listed will help you determine if the piece is durable enough to safely use in kids’ rooms.Then, ask your parents about their school experience….teach it to your kids.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan (also New York, New York, and Chicago, Illinois) SEE ALSO American School Furniture Co.