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My question dealing with inclusion is, how can a teacher accommodate children with special needs without taking instructional time away from other students?When I become a teacher I want to be able to provide equal attention to all students. Do some reading on this site under "Inclusion" in the"for teachers" section of "LD In Depth. (Would it be fair for you to have to wear an equal size shoe as me?While it is obvious that a child with hearing or visual difficulties should be seated near the front of the room, other conditions and remedies are often as simple but less obvious.In the past, and unfortunately sometimes today, parents have been discouraged in their efforts to obtain accommodations or help for the children’s disabilities since they “did not qualify.” Sometimes the failure is due to the lack of a proper and timely diagnosis.My feeling (my feelings only) is that some disabled children can manage greatly with me making some accomodations/modifications in their work,assignments, tests, etc., but some children that are placed in a regular classroom are really not inclusion ready or in my opinion should be inclusion at all. If a child is majorly learning disabled, then that child requires one on one attention the majority of the time in a classroom of 20 kids or so.When this happens, I feel it is so unfair to the regular ed children that are in my classroom to learn and grow as well.School budgets often do not allow for sufficient evaluative services by qualified school psychologists, speech and language therapists, or occupational therapists.This often results in children with less severe disability not being assessed until their difficulties have led to academic failure.

Sometimes you and the teacher can work together to put informal supports in place without an IEP or 504 plan.

Learning is a complex process which involves many skills which we often take for granted such language production and understanding, visualization of problems, coordination for writing, memory, attention, the ability to see, hear, the ability to sit still, and the ability to sustain repetitive activity for long periods of time.

A variety of emotional, learning, developmental, and medical conditions can influence these basic skills and interfere with a child’s success and self-esteem in school.

I teach high school children and my hope is that I make a difference in ALL of my kids...learning disabled and regular ed. Katie, As a special education teacher I find it crucial that children be included.. One child may need very little direction and one may need a lot more doesn't it all end up equal??

In a world of budget cuts, staffing shortages and larger class sizes, understanding the laws that surround special education programs in U. schools is crucial to building an inclusive learning environment for every student — from those with physical and learning disabilities, to exceptionally gifted children, and every child in between.

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) And if you're a lifeguard at a pool, you can give lots of good attention to kids -- but when one of 'em is going under, you give that one more, fair or not.

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