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Chat with slave man

While this desire to please is the key to slavery it must be guided through a Master.

Before i met my Master, i directed all of my energy to pleasing my family and friends.

They're trying to push me into upper management but I love coding and the power coding gives me.

I code mostly in C# and Python these days and although some of the guys in my company aren't comfortable taking orders from a girl when the server crashes or the client can't wait any longer I'm the one they turn to, managers included. At first they were all wolf whistles and snide remarks about my butt and legs, at least until I started coding circles around them. Tracy, do you have any idea where this memory leak is coming from?

In this section i will explain why i am a slave, the journey that brought me to where i am now (enslavement) and a look toward the future.

As i am still in training and will be to some extent forever this will be constantly updated.

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